Home-Library Delivery Service

The library provides a home-to-library delivery service to those who are confined to their home due to issues of accessibility.

Library volunteers will deliver print and audio materials tailored to your individual tastes, to your home at no charge.

Please call 474-4830 for more information or fill out the form below.

Home-Library Delivery Service FAQ:

How do I sign up for this service?

A form can be requested from the main desk or fill out the form below.

How does this service work?

Once you have signed up for the service and your account has been created, you can call the library at 705-474-4830 and request an order of library materials. The order will be filled by library staff and delivered to your home, free of charge.

Once you have finished with your current order, you can call for a new order to be placed. The previous order will be picked up and returned to the library when the new one is delivered to you.

How long can I receive this service?

The choice is yours and can be customized. You can choose to receive this service on a permanent basis, or for a specified length of time. This can be indicated when you sign up.

What materials can I receive from the library?

At your request, the library will provide you with a selection of the following materials:

  • Regular print books
  • Large print books
  • Paperbacks
  • Magazines
  • Audiobooks –TBCD
  • Music CDs

When you sign up you are able to indicate your preferred format(s). You can change your preference at anytime by calling the library.

How many items can I borrow?

You can borrow a maximum of:

  • 10 Audiobooks (TBCD)
  • 10 Music CDs
  • 20 print items total (Regular print, large print, paperbacks, magazines)

Unless otherwise indicated, we will send you a minimum of 5 items in your preferred format (print and/or audio). You can choose to borrow material in both print and audio format, but this must be indicated at sign up.

You can update your format preference at any time by calling the library.

How long can I borrow these items?

Materials will be checked out to you for a 6 week loan period. You are also able to request renewals if the item is not on hold for someone else.

How are my materials chosen?

When you sign up, you are able to choose specific genres and favourite authors for library staff to choose from when making selections for you.

However, you can keep us up-to-date with your preferences by making specific requests (author or genre) when you call to order more materials.

Can I request a specific title?

Yes, you can. When you call for a new order of materials, ask the staff member you are speaking with about the title you wish to borrow. Be sure to indicate which format (print or audio) you prefer. If the title is available, it will be included in your order.

How will my materials be delivered?

The library has wonderful volunteers who will delivery your materials to your home, free of charge. Please allow up to 48 hours for deliveries.

If you would like a friend or a family member to pick up and deliver your items, you can indicate this when you sign up for the service.


If a family member or friend will deliver, please provide their contact information below:

Format Requested
Reading Interests