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Library Cards

Can I get a library card?

If you live or own property in North Bay, you can get a free library card for Adults, Teens, Juveniles, or Taxpayers. Applicants must show valid ID to register for a card (see below).

Teens (12-16) can register with their Student ID cards and a piece of ID, or be registered with a parent.

Juveniles (0-12 or beginning of grade 7) do not require proof of address; however, their application must be signed by a parent/guardian. Adults may not borrow material on a Juvenile card.

Taxpayers must show their property tax bill/receipt each year on renewal.

If you live outside of North Bay, you can get a non-resident Adult, Teen, or Juvenile card for an annual fee

  • For individuals, the fee is $45 per year
  • For families, the fee is $60 per year
  • For students who live outside of North Bay but attend an elementary or high school in North Bay, the fee is $10, September 1 to August 31st the following year.

Visitors to North Bay

  • ID with cuurent home address required. Expires in 4 months.
  • $15.00/4 months for an individual.

What if I am a student/faculty/staff at Nipissing University/Canadore College?

For students attending Nipissing or Canadore, you are eligible for a PALS membership when you show your campus ID, proof of North Bay address, and home address.

What is PALS?
PALS is a reciprocal agreement with Nipissing University/Canadore College and the North Bay Public Library; students, staff and faculty on campus are eligible for a library card at our library, and patrons in good standing (no outstanding fines or lost material) are eligible for a card at the Learning Library.

Click here for a downloadable version of the Card Requirements.

Valid Forms of Identification

Only one piece of ID is needed if one of the following is provided:

  • Driver’s license – with current address
  • Ontario Photo Card – with current address

Valid forms of ID for name and picture/signature

  • Passport
  • Canadian citizenship card
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Indigenous/Indian Status Card
  • Student ID Card
  • Bank/Credit Card

Valid forms of ID for address verification

  • Bank statement
  • Motor vehicle ownership/insurance policy slip
  • Employee pay stub
  • Secondary school/College/ University report card/transcript (current year or last semester taken in previous year)
  • Utility bill (not more than 2 months old)
  • Official current lease/rental agreement (not handwritten)
  • Tax receipt
  • Any benefit statement issued by the Governments of Canada/Ontario
  • Personal mail with name, address and current post mark

High school students may use their Student ID plus one of the above forms of ID, or register with a parent/guardian

Children in grade 6 or under, or who are under the age of 13 do not require proof of address but must have the Children’s application form signed by a parent/guardian.  Adults may not borrow material for their own use on a child’s card.